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    C.J Styles - Volcano (Cave)


    "C.J... if you wouldn't mind, make sure the rest do not interfere. Trunks is at a disadvantage as it is." Issac said. “Okay, that won’t be hard at all.” C.J. stated as he reached for a Pokeball clipped near his waste. “Golett, you know what to do.” he said as he threw the ball releasing the Ghost type. “Ace, Ax, make sure none sneak threw.” “Dei!” “Ax!” the yelped to show they understood.

    "Well.. here I go.." Trunks said to Ax. “Good luck~” Ax said to him, “we’ll make sure it stays one on one.” As Golett released his dark energy pulses to change the Gravity under the other Magby, Ace and Ax moved to the edge of the effected area.

    That should hold them off just fine, Still have Chomp and Custos if need be as well.” C.J. said to Issac, signalling that the battle could begin at Issac’s leisure. “Let me know if they start to give you trouble.” he said to his Pokemon as he turned so he could watch Issac.

    This will be a great chance to watch him without having to think of counter measures. C.J. thought, he knew that they would probably spend a lot of time training together and since he didn’t like to lose, even when training, he liked to study other trainer's strategies whenever possible. Especially when they trained or battled with him often. “Good luck.” he said to Issac. He was sincere in the comment even if he was watching for alternative motives as well.

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