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    Issac Milke - Volcano Cave

    "Okay Magby, here we come." Issac said to his small opponent with a grin. "Go Trunks! Hit him with razor leaf!"
    "Twig!" he said with a nod as he whipped leaves off of his body towards the magby.
    "Be.. be.. be.." the Magby snickered as the leaves closed in on him. He shot a small ember out, burning all the leaves which fell to his feat in ashes before hitting him. He raised his hand up and waved Trunks towards him in a mocking manner angering Trunks.

    He is so.. cocky.

    Sweat started to drip down Issac's brow from not only the heat, but fear that Trunks may be less likely to beat this small Magby then the Tyranitar from earlier.
    "Trunks.." Issac started, "Sand tomb."
    "Tuuuhwiig" He said as he swirled the dirt around the room and trapped Magby with it.
    "Beeeeee" The Magby called out in regret that he underestimated the Turtwig.
    "Now use razor leaf again! Be sure to get the circulating in the sand tomb!" Issac commanded.

    Trunks whipped up more leaves, shooting them into the tornado of dirt trapping Magby, cutting him here and there. Out of anger the Magby spouted a spiral pf fire from his mouth, burning the leaves and causing the dirt to subdue then continuing the fire spin towards Trunks.

    "TWWWIG!" Trunks called out as he was engulfed in fire.
    "NO!" Issac yelled stepping forward and getting burned himself by a Magby that was able to hit him from the gravity field. "Owww.."

    "GRRROTT!" came from a glow in the midst of the fire. When the fire died, an unharmed Grotle was standing there.
    "Trunks.. wow." Issac said in awe. "You have to beat him now! Sand tomb him then charge up a solarbeam!"

    "Grot!" He called out as trapped the Magby who was now trying to flee in a more intense tomb of dirt. The other Magby saw their leader in danger and all started shooting embers at Trunks, who was doing his best to dodge them, while charging his solar beam.
    "C.J.! Can you stop the embers?" Issac called out to him
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