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Kilik Chambers - Cafeteria

Kilik listened closely to Kiyoko's story. Quite intriguing to hear. So if the story is true, then... It isn't clear, but Team Rocket make a return.

Valorie's had a say in the conversation. Yes, Team Rocket were big in Kanto. "Jhoto had its fair share dealing with Team Rocket," Kilik adds. In any case, Kilik's heard all he needs. He see's Valorie protective of Kiyoko. Guess she thinks Kilik wants Kiyoko. It's fine, Mistress already has the spot occupied anyway.

Kilik stands up, facing Valorie & Kiyoko. "If they've truly returned, you won't have to do it alone y'know." Kilik grinned as he pointed his thumb up to the ceiling. Tentou smiled & rawred. He still needs training.

I think I've enjoyed myself enough. Kilik wasn't feeling hungry anymore; of course, his Pokemon should get some food at his room. "I'm it a night," Kilik exclaimed to his friends. He gathered enough for for his five Pokemon & bid farewell to his friends. No family...

As Kilik was walking down the path to his room, Tentou snuggled closely toward Kilik's leg. He looked down on him. Guess he was trying to cheer him up. "Thanks Tentou." It's a shame... His parents never made it. Such...such a shame...!

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