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Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
Does anyone think we may have another generation mascot like Victini was for 5? You know a Pokémon we get early on upon release of these games, and has the numeral of the generation on it. Or do you think it was a one time thing?

I hope we get something next week, as this news drought is making me feel like I'm sitting next to a Groudon.
If by numeral you mean Roman numeral, that'll be a little trickier to do seeing as 6 is VI, and there was actually two legends (Victini and Virizion) that started like that! However, I could see them having another mascot that isn't really pertinent to any story line thrown in there again like Victini was. And let's be honest: Victini was adorable, so if they made another cute one I'd be perfectly fine with that =P