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    Issac Milke - Volcano Cave

    Issac watched as C.J.'s pokemon stopped the embers from coming.
    Those magby.. I kind of feel bad for them. Would be gone for if he wasn't here, though. Just wish there was a better way to keep them at bay..

    As Grotle's solarbeam became fully charged, the Magby disappeared from the sandstorm completely, reappearing in front of Grotle and hitting him back.
    "No.. a faint attack. Quick! Hit your solarbeam before he decides to blast you."
    "Grrrooot!" He yelled as he released the beam into the Magby who jumped away a second too late.
    "Beee.." He screamed as he took the impact, hitting the ground afterwards.

    Issac grabbed one of the pokeballs C.J. gave him earlier, throwing it at the injured Magby.
    One shake.. two shakes.. three shakes..

    "Yes!" Issac called out as the pokeball quit shaking and the Magby was caught. "Good job Trunks!"
    He then turned to C.J. "You can release them now. They will flee without their leader." Issac looked down at the pokeball in his hand.. "Now then.. What to call you.."
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