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    Caption Contest:

    N: why don't you just use the umbrella?
    Ghetsis: Because i'm stupid.
    N: Oh, cool.

    Black 3 and White 3:

    Bleh, its pretty bad but whatever..

    After the defeat of Team Plasma peace was once again regained in Unova.Most of the Plasma members disbanded but some of them went back to the good Team Plasma which was gaining people's trust by helping lost and abandoned pokemon.Unova is getting more developed by the second with Castelia becoming a port city helping it connect better with the rest of the world.Two years have passed and a certain young boy/girl(you) in Castelia City will be starting their journey today.You have been helping out Prof.Fennel with her work and in return she has gladly requested her dear friend Prof.Juniper to give you your first starter pokemon.Though on your way to the dreamyard you see some suspicious people trying to capture Latios/Latias, you fend them off and they tell you they are the revived Team Plasma.You decide to go to Nuvema town to tell Prof.Juniper about this but when you get there you spot N in near Hilda/Hilbert's house.He explains who he is and what he is doing here, knowing he was the ex-king from Team Plasma you decide to tell him about the plasma members in dreamyard.He is shocked to know that Team Plasma is revived once again and suggests you to check out the P2 laboratory, when you get there you see the Plasma Frigate flying off.You spot a plasma member still there and are ready to confront them to a battle but he tells you that he is just an undercover but was found out barely escaping with his life.He tells you about the plans of Team Plasma wanting to capture any strong and legendary pokemon including the regis, the three musketeers, Volcarona, Zoroark and so on.He also tells you that the Shadow Triad are running the show and them wanting to take revenge on the ones who foiled their master's plan.So eventually during your journey you spot Team Plasma city to city foiling their plans as you go along with some help of course.And in the end you finally manage to disband the Shadow Triad and Team Plasma for good, later going on to defeat the Elite Four.

    Also, this is my 700th post!!YAY!