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Levina ~ Cape City

Levina’s attention was drawn away from Snype by an approaching Kabutops. The Ancient had a letter for the one she believed was the so called leader of the group. She sat, watching curiously, as the Mienshao read the letter and tore it up in disgust. "So the Madman is behind the attacks...I had assumed the Gold Tribe had killed him years ago..." He said. "The Madman. I assume most of you have heard of him from before this war. If you have not, know he could potentially be quite a nuisance. But nothing we shouldn't be able to handle. Now, with this new information at hand, how shall we proce-“ The Mienshao grabbed his head in obvious pain.

Levina watched as a few of the Sentinels also grabbed their head in discomfort before becoming silent. This was an odd event considering that one of the ones who was now silent was the Gardevior who lectured them about their actions. After a few brief moments, the Mienshao spoke as if he was having a conversation with someone. "Yes...yes, I understand. It shall be done." He said before recomposing himself. The Mienshao began to pace as he gave orders to the group. "We...we have our orders. We can begin investigating the city in search of the Madman and the Gold Tribe, if they are here. I'm betting they may be somewhere in these houses. Or maybe underground. I've sent Ancients down there, but we can turn our attention to the fear of the citizenry if you like as well. Do whatever we must to get control of the situation now. But...," He stopped then pacing and faced the Sentinels. " day's end, no matter what, we issue the kill-all order."

Levina couldn’t help but give out a cheer when she heard the last the part. She was finally going to get to fight like she always wanted. “Ooohhhh yeah!!! I finally get set free to do what I want! You guys better watch out because I won’t be responsible if you get caught in my cross fire.” She grinned menacingly as she flared her fur and sent another dose of electricity through it. Levina smirked at Snype as he addressed her, saying exactly what she was thinking. "Kehehe! Oh am I happy to hear that! Orders are order then! Let’s get moving! Snype said. Levina watched Snype curiously as he pushed her bag off of her back and put it on his. “And what do you expect to do with my bag munchkin? Hehehe.” She giggled at the new nickname she had given to her short companion. "Kehehe, I'm ready to prove myself. How about we have some fun?" Snype said. “You want to just jump right on in and try to ride on my back? Is that it?” Levina chuckled and continued the flow of electricity over her entire body as she waited for Snype’s smartass comeback.