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Heeey Dee! Welcome to PC :3.

Your intro thread was definitely one of the most creative I have seen :D, if not the best! Haha I used to visit this forum on and off for a couple of years, then after a rather long argument in my head with two miniature people tackling and fighting, I decided to join! Never regretted the decision on my old account back in August 2012 :3. I'm sure you'll enjoy PC as well!

It's good you decided to get back into Pokemon! Haha it's alright, I was horrible with my White, probably abandoned it around the fifth gym. I felt underlevelled and I didn't want to grind, so I kind of left it there sitting on my countertop, abandoned and lonely XD;. Should play it again some day! And yes Dialga is cool B), one of the greatest legendaries in my opinion although Giratina takes the cake out of the D/P/Pt trio.

Ooo Pixel Art! We have a section for that in Art and Design, filled with wonderful creations. You can make galleries,open up shops and much more! I've had a go at pixel art before, but I remember the first time I did it, it came out like a scribbled mess XD;. I haven't really done it since, but I'd like to see some of your work :3.

Other than that, welcome to PC :D. I hope you stick around and feel free to send me a VM or PM! Also if you have any questions you can contact the moderators,(users in bold blue :3)
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