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Levina ~ Cape City

Levina opened her mouth to protest but realized she didn’t have a comeback. If Snype did fall off she would have to go get him if she wanted to keep her bag. Levina let a low growl emanate from her throat as the thought of defeat by this short, cocky Pokemon stung her thoughts. She sat down, expecting the Sableye to slide off her back. There she sat in silence for a bit before turning her head just enough to see Snype. “And who says I want to keep that bag? I can always steal another one and once we kill all the citizens I can go through their things and probably find a better one then that one.” Levina smirked to make her words seem real. Truth is she could find a better backpack in the city but it wasn’t the backpack she was worried about losing. It was one of the items the backpack held that worried her. She watched Snype closely, hoping he would fall for her bluff.