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    Allora ~ Unknown Room

    Allora stared down the Psychics, still waiting for an answer. She didn’t realize a small Pokemon had approached her until he put his arms around her. "It's alright, sister," He began. "I'm sure he'll be fine. He's a tough one. Believe me, I know." This mystery Pokemon smiled at her. He was lucky Allora didn’t turn an attack on him by accident for startling her. Allora glared at his new Pokemon for a while until she noticed another Pokemon approach Paladin. She was about to turn on the new Pokemon when she realized it was checking him over. ‘A medic?’ Allora thought as she watched the Pokemon cautiously. "How is he?" The mystery Pokemon asked the medic. "He should be fine. He's just unconscious, but I don't see any permanent damage. Although this odd color on him is unusual..." The mystery Pokemon nodded to the medic before smiling again towards Allora. "You see? He'll be alright. My name is Zane Tyrael by the way. Known as Vigil. We should talk later some more when we get the chance." The mystery Pokemon named Zane turned away from her and back to the one now called the Madman.

    Allora was still unsure about everything that had gone on. ‘If this was an illusion, then why is Paladin unconscious? What caused him to lose consciousness?’ These questions and more flooded her mind as she started to calm down. Her tears dried up and her body’s color slowly returned to normal; the blue glow from her psychic abilities only visible in her eyes. Allora walked up to Paladin and sat beside him for a few minutes while the others talked. She eyed every part of him trying to find some sort of clue as to what caused his condition. Upon finding nothing, Allora returned her attention back to the Psychics. They knew what happened to Paladin and she still wanted to know what it was. She sat beside Zane and listened quietly, hoping one of them would spill what happened. Not once did she drop her guard. Her tails remained flared and her eyes still glowing as she watched, listened, and waited.

    During their conversation, Allora picked up on some information not yet known to her. Something about a Gold Crystal and the Old Cape City. Was this what the other Gold Tribe members were on their way to find? What was the importance of this Gold Crystal and why did they seem too eager to acquire it? Was this crystal the reason the Golduck so-called attacked them in the first place? Allora growled quietly as she realized she was getting more questions than answers. She was officially confused by everything that was going on.

    Levina ~ Cape City

    Levina smirked when she saw her passenger having problems holding onto her. Snype clung to her body with his arms and legs in an attempt to hold on. "K-k-kehe... fast!" He struggled to say as he hung on for dear life. Levina laughed and continued to sprint down the streets until some Pokemon came into view. She slowed the pace down to a walk and looked back at her wind-blown friend. “Are you ready for stage two of your test? Think you could handle the shock of a Thunderbolt?” Levina smirked and continued to slow the pace as she waited for an answer.