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Perhaps Froakie design will become kickass in his final evolution. When I first saw Snivy in pokemon B/W, I said out load: "Eh, that's just not my style, I think Oshawott is better." But when I first saw Snivys evolution - Serperior, I instantly changed my mind. So I picked Snivy not for Snivy, but for Serperior, and I hope the same thing happens to Froakie - unappealing at its first level, but awesome evolution.

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I think chestnuts are a thing in France, hence Chespin being based off chestnuts. That is, if the starter choices are because the region's based in France. As for Fennekin, I have no idea.
Fennekin is based upon the Fennec fox that lives in the Sahara desert in North Africa, so I have no idea how Fennekin is related to European cultures.
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