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Hello I will make this very simple. I have one problem that is cursing me. I am making a simple trainer script. I have made a script that works in XSE but the only problem is I cant get the player to face me. I understand that the script needs to have lock faceplayer to do so. The only problem is if I put it in my script it causes the screen to go black/red. I hear this is a common problem if you check the trainer box. The only problem if I dont check it the person wont move towards me. Is there some kind of script I can add to my original script so that I dont have to check the trainer box and the trainer will still approach me?

Here is the original script

#dynamic 0x800E8A

#org @start
trainerbattle 0x0 0x003 0x001 @before @after
msgbox @beaten 0x6

#org @before
= You wont beat\nme soldier.

#org @after
= Hmph, as\nyou were.

#org @beaten
= Keep moving forward

ANY help would be greatful