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Originally Posted by .Aero View Post
I can see Sableye and Mawile getting evolutions (and possibly pre-evolutions) this generation, but only together since they're were a "pair" in RSE (version exclusives found int he same area I mean). It would be neat to get both of their evolutions because Sableye has that interesting typing with Prankster (and he's already pretty decent, but with better stats I'd be interested how he'd affect the metagame). As for Mawile, I feel with better attack and speed it could be a pretty decent sweeper with Life Orb / Sheer Force combo in lower tiers.
I don't think Sableye and Mawile will get pre-evolution, they both are already pretty weak and do not need a further weaker form. What they DO need is an evolution, I couldn't care less for Mawile, but I have always liked Sableye and I believe it deserves an evolution.
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