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    I hate HM's, you can't make your pokemon forget them, they are relatively useless in battle (apart from surf and waterfall), and you usually need an HM slave which takes up a slot in your team, HM's suck. But you know what I hate most about HM's? You need the move 'cut' to cut down a tree, but why can't I use X-Scissor to cut the tree? Or psycho cut? Or guillotine? I just don't understand.
    Also, why can't birds fly without teaching it the move 'fly'? Shouldn't it be a natural thing for them to fly? The same thing goes for water types that need a special move just so they can do what they were born to do - swim, or in this case 'surf'.
    HM's are just stupid, and I hate them. They should just be changed to TM's.
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