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    Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post "faint all the opposing team" do you mean faint all of the Pokemon on that team? @[email protected] That is ridiculously overpowered that it seems unlikely in general that something like this would be used.
    I meant fainting all the enemys pokemon that are currently on the field. Besides, it activates 3 turns later (just like perish song), and if Blazzaka faints before the 3 turns have past, then the explosive is deactivated. This problem though is that it could spam detect and protect until the explosive activates, but hey it's just an idea!
    I agree that Blazzaka should be a frail, but powerful sweeper. The high defensive stats would probably work better for a bomb/mine pokemon, but not fireworks.

    Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
    For me, I'd like an Amoeba-ish Pokemon(that's not Ditto). If the heavy speculation that these games are surrounded on genetics are correct, it would seem likely that something like this p be included, though confusing as to what type it would be. I would assume "Psychic/Poison", but that's just kind of whipping stuff out of nowhere, haha. I mean, I was thinking more like a disease or a germ Pokemon of some sort(which I imagine would just be pure poison), but eh.
    Disease pokemon? We already have one - Reuniclus, the cancer pokemon!
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