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    N: you need to learn quickly your life is in danger. You should the umbrella it will help with your life problems
    Ghetsis: i don't have life problems!
    N: I won't use the umbrella until you get life support.
    Ghetsis: I don't need no support.
    N: then you can use the umbrella.
    Then Ghetsis and N start running towards a suspicious tower. When they enter they leave the umbrella outside.
    N: where's my precious umbrella
    Ghetsis: I fed it to purrloin before we came inside
    N: now you really need life support
    Ghetsis: I need no life support. I've got all the life support I need right here.
    N: how sweet.
    N and Ghetsis run into Team Rocket (While Team Rocket is running from a group of gengar, Jellicent, and a Golurk)
    Jessie: run for it James
    James: I though you said were going the right way meowth
    Meowth: I though we were going the right Way.
    N: Who are you. Put your hands up
    Meowth: I don't have to put my hands up for nothing
    Ghetsis: you get back here or else
    James: na na nan na na. You can't catch me.
    Jessie: where are you going James
    Meanwhile Misty, May, Max, Dawn, Iris, Cilan, Brock, and Ash all meet up in front of the suspicious tower. They enter in running into Team Rocket.
    Jessie: Prepare for trouble
    James: make it double
    Jessie: to protect the world from devastation
    James: to unite all people with in our nation
    Jessie: to announce the evils of truth and the love
    James: to send are reach to stars above
    Jessie: Jessie
    James: James
    Meowth: Meowth that's right
    Ash: now give us our pokemon
    Brock: there getting away
    Cilan: go Pansage use bullet seed
    James: go Cacnea pin missile
    N: what's going on we have to get out
    Ghetsis: go chandelure use flash cannon
    Ash: Nows our chance

    Sorry I started writing this at 6:02 but I posted it later. I didn't some of the posts till later. Sorry.