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I dunno, the 3DS compared to the 3DSXL is far better looking. If AW has small hands, I would suggest the 3DS, even as some with pretty big hands. The only downside for the 3DS is the buttons, but the start/select/home area is much better on it, as the buttons on the XL are too spongy and a bit awkward. The screen size is fine, and the pixelation on it isn't too bad if you hold the console from a distance, but the PPI does lose some clarity. In the long run however, it entirely depends on how much time its going to be as a DS player as well. You gonna give it lots of DS time? Go for the XL, the 1:1 mode on it is phenomenal. Gonna give it some time, and don't mind a blurry screen?(cause honestly 1:1 on the 3DS is the smallest pain in the ass I've ever witnessed, and this is coming from someone who plays his PS2 on 4:3 mode on a 42 inch LED) Then you might go for the 3DS. In the end the choice is yours, but as I said I personally see the 3DS as the prettier of the two. The glass casing on the top part is infinitely then the cheap plastic mold of the XL, and the 3 layer design is actually pretty awesome if you own the white or red model. The console feels much more solid, and I absolutely loathe the left sided dock for the headphones on the XL, the perfectly aligned 3DS is sublime.

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