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    Penance 'Madman' Malum - Home

    Penance smirked at them all in turn. Well, they were all mad, and rather to a high degree at that! Sir, the Gallade is already pushing away all the connections, like you said he would. Should we start him up on it now?

    Penance closed his eyes, a small smile still on his bill, No, keep him still in range though. He'll be needed for later of course.

    The Golduck regarded Truestriker, "Yes, don't worry Hanso, you defeated the big bad psychics links on your mind." At that the group of psychics chuckled lightly. "Though you should keep that defense up, it'll help you much later on." He said with a nod. "For now though, Paladin is fine at the moment. He'll be sleeping for some time though... or it could be shorter, depending on WHEN he wants to wake up. And no Zane, I have nothing to answer for. This is the way things start so for now we put that history aside." He chuckled softly, "And what makes you think we haven't been planning? That's what we do Vigil... plan."

    One of the Alakazams spoke up, "Penance. They found the note, a kill all order is being ordered by the end of the day."

    The Golduck closed his eyes and thought for a bit, nodding after a while. "Hm, quicker than I thought. Alright, follow me. Have strategies 48, 52, and 104 on standby. The Alakazam nodded and teleported away along with the rest of the psychics as Penance walked over to a wall and pushed against it, revealing a doorway, "Well come on Goldies. We need to get going." He stated as he headed out of the door.

    Once everyone would step out they would see that the whole area outside was actually like a small town. There were houses made out of stone here, a small pond of water that was situated near a grassy plains with some trees on it to provide the oxygen of course, and lots of pokemon about. While it wasn't anything as close to having a population that lived up top in Cape City, there were still a bunch of 'mon walking about. It seemed everyone was busy at the moment. There were fire types heating up metal and fighting types using hammers to smooth out iron sheets they were working on. It seemed that there were several areas being dug into as psychic aided the diggers by moving away any large dirt piles that accumulated behind them.

    The majority of pokemon didn't bother to awknowledge them as they walked past with Penance and the Golduck stopped near the a part of the floor and knelt down, "Alright, we have mapped out this part already, but we still are unable to find that gold crystal. It must be hidden." He stated. Right on the ground was a rather massive map. The locations of various tunnels had been marked on the map and there were more recent marks detailing patrol routes of the Ancients as well as new ways to enter the city above via newly dug tunnels. "Alright, with this map finding the gold crystal will be easy. Look it over then. If you need any help just call for Lashire, he should be around here somewhere."

    He glanced over at another building. "When you all are done and you have the location head over there. Go in and you can shop around. Don't take too long though." He stated as he walked off and headed toward several other pokemon that were clustered around a board that had lots of writing on it and began to consult with them.