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Hey guys thanks for replying thus far! I can only comment on the Twitter side (side while I can add Facebook posts, I've only added Twitter ones) in that we have advertised a few things in the past in terms of events. I definitely plan to start paying attention to events around PC and including them (not sure about PPN - he'd rather do the technical side, I assume?) on the Twitter side. As for advertising the Get Together... well, we did a little in regards to the most recent one, but only after it was actually mentioned. It'd be done earlier but generally none of us really know when it's going on until not too long before it, so there's limited time. But for big events like that I can definitely try to get hype and stuff going on (I'll also use the Facebook one to update stuff, too!) In regards to the PC downtime thing, PPN will have to cover that but I'm sure he can definitely try to update it more (I don't see why he wouldn't at least).

Keep replying, your comments are valuable :)

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