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    My darling shiny Furret, Innis, just became part of Hall of Fame at level 16. She dodged a Dragon Tail Dragon Rush from Lance. Like a boss. o-o I had to toss her in to revive my Persian for a flinch to stop an Outrage Blizzard.

    I honestly did not expect getting through the League with a bunch of level 41-44's.
    Slow Gyarados + Avalanche + positive Attack nature = Oh my god you...

    Edit: Just re-read that with thought. lol, what I meant to write was Dragon Tail -> Dragon Rush (inaccuracte move is inaccurate) and Blizzard. All the Dragonites in that fight with similar move sets. And this was an hour or two after I beat Clair, who does use Dragon Tail a lot... hrrr....