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    Black 3 And White 3

    In the third game, the trainer would come from Opelucid City. Team Galactic would return and would try to take control by fusing the twin dragons back to the single dragon. They do this by using a Hypno controlling Hilbert, making N and him battle. During the battle, Cyrus would use the DNA Splicers and the 2 pokemon would form a Black and White Stone resembling a Yin-Yang. Wondering why it didn't work, Cyrus looked to Charon who told him that they needed the third dragon, as Kyurem was the shell that held their stability. They set off to find the Dragon and the character begins their journey. They go counter-clockwise around the region, fighting gyms along the way and re encountering Team Plasma. Team Plasma at this time has become peaceful, with N heading all of the group. The character would also be informed that Ghetis is being rehabilitated by the Shadow Triad and that Colress is still at P2 Labs and is currently working on research of the Weather Trio. The character would eventually reach Giant Chasm and have to stop Cyrus. The character, despite beating him, would watch him fuse the Dragons and have to face Dagurem (Derived from the word Gray). After defeating Dagurem, Cyrus, like Ghetis, would try and kill the player. At that moment, a rehabilitated Ghetis would step in and counter the attack with his Klinklang. He would release the release Dagurem from Cyrus's power and the player would fight it one last time. That would rap up the story except now, after the pokemon league, the player would be able to enter the Hoenn Region, because of reports of long droughts and heavy downpours. The play would then be able to traverse the Hoenn Region, starting in Slateport City and battle the Hoenn Elite Four, with May (If a boy) or Brendan (If a girl) as the Champion. After the E4, the Player would be able to fight the Weather Trio before completing the game.

    Caption Contest

    "Where do you think you're going with MY umbrella?!?!?"