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    Issac Milke - Volcano Cave

    "Woww~ you evolved. That’s awesome. To bad it didn’t happen when you fought Chomp, that would have been cool." Ax said looking over Trunks’ new form
    "I think I could have took him like this." Trunks replied playfully.

    Soo, do you want to keep looking around here or would you rather just head back. I don’t see any signs of Druddigon here.” C.J. said, while looking around the cave.
    "Well it looks like this cave goes deeper. There could be a tunnel system. We can go further or look elsewhere, I am up for whatever." Issac replied. He looked at Trunks afterwards, still in awe that he evolved. "Trunks, I think you should rest now. You've had quite a day."
    "Grot!" He replied as he over at Issac then back at Ax. "Guess it's nap time"

    Issac recalled Grotle back to his pokeball, then grabbed the ball his new Mabgy was in. "Come on out.... Coal." Issac said as he tossed the pokeball in the air.
    "Maaaaag!" he called out as he emerged from the pokeball. As soon as he touched the ground, he looked around to see that his group had abandoned him. "be.." he sighed.

    Issac dropped down on a knee to get down on his level. "I hope you'll be okay with traveling with me.. and I hope you like the name Coal." He said to the small pokemon as he pulled a potion out from his bag and started to apply iy. "Here, this will get you back to full strength."
    Coal looked up with a grin. "Mag!"

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