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Hi everyone. Today I bring you a clock fix for Emerald (BPEE). You may remember that there was an rtc patch made for R/S that allowed the clock to be based on playtime. A patch like this was never made for Emerald. I took the one for Ruby, disassembled it, and made it work for Emerald. Keep in mind that while this does work it has not been fully tested.

Memory address 0x0200F024 may not be safe. It is the same one used in the Ruby routine. This can be changed without affecting functionality.

Just assemble the code below and follow the included instructions.

.align 2
.global emeraldclockfix

/*At 80005e6 write 01B400480047xxxxxxxx01BC with xxxxxxxx being the offset for this routine.
 To disable the error code text write C046C046 at 0802FB06
 Offset 0200F024 may not be safe in emerald but this can be changed to anything desired.
 This code seems to work but is not fully tested. Use at your own risk.*/

push    {r0-r7}
ldr     r0,.PLAYER_DATA
ldr     r0, [r0]
add     r0,r0, #0x11
str     r0,[sp]
ldr     r4,.PLAYER_DATA
ldr     r4, [r4]
add     r4,r4, #0x9A
add     r3,r4,#0x1
ldr     r7,.SUM_BUFF
ldrb    r5,[r7]
ldrb    r0,[r0]
add     r2,r7,#0x1
cmp     r5,r0
beq     Game_Code_and_Return
strb    r0,[r7]
ldrb    r0,[r2]
add     r6,r0,#0x1
lsl     r0,r6,#0x18
lsr     r0,r0,#0x18
strb    r0,[r2]
cmp     r0,#0x3B
ble     Game_Code_and_Return
mov     r6,#0x0
strb    r6,[r2]
ldrb    r6,[r3]
sub     r6,#0x1
lsl     r1,r6,#0x18
lsr     r1,r1,#0x18
cmp     r1,#0xFF
bne     SOMETHING3
mov     r6,#0x3B
strb    r6,[r3]
ldrb    r6,[r4]
sub     r6,#0x1
and     r1,r6
cmp     r1,#0xFF
bne     SOMETHING2
mov     r1,#0x17
bl      SOMETHING4


strb    r1,[r4]
b       Game_Code_and_Return

strb    r1,[r3]


pop     {r0-r7}
ldr     r0,.SUM_GAME_OFF
ldrh    r1,[r0]
ldr     r2,.SUM_VAL
mov     r0,r2
mov     r3,r0
eor     r3,r1
ldr     r0,.RETURN_OFFSET
bx      r0

push    {r0-r2}
ldr     r0,.PLAYER_DATA
ldr     r0, [r0]
add     r0,r0, #0x98
ldrh    r1,[r0]
sub     r1,#0x1
ldr     r2,=.SUM_VAL2
cmp     r1,r2
blt     SOMETHING1
ldr     r1,.SUM_VAL3


strh    r1,[r0]
pop     {r0-r2}
mov     r15,r14

.align 2

.word 0x03005D90
.word 0x0200F024
.word 0x04000130
.word 0x080005F1
.hword 0x8000
.hword 0x0000              
.hword 0xFFFF
.hword 0x0000  
.hword 0x3FF
If you feel that this can be optimized in any way then please post on here and let me know.

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