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Originally Posted by Killjoy View Post
I'd love to see them all available from the start. Frankly the thought having to unlock easy mode by playing a more difficult mode is one of the silliest things I've heard in a while, almost as silly have having the two modes exclusive to one version of the game.

I wanna play hard mode, but I have W2. That means I gotta go buy B2, Play it again in normal mode, and then unlock hard mode to be imported to W2. By then, I'm sure I'll still wanna give it a try, but not as much as if I had just been able to play hard mode from the start
I agree it's silly to unlock an easier mode of play.

Meanwhile, having hard mode available from the start would have been nice. I mean, question: are we going to lose all of our existing Pokémon if we start a Hard Mode game? I don't really wanna do that, so Hard Mode doesn't benefit me any at this stage.

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