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    Haru awoke from his glorious with a loud yawn. Dutchess, who was nuzzled into his chest, woke up as well. She let out an adorable yawn, earning a "Awww." from Haru. The two of them had slept very well under the oak tree. It's great boughs had provided shelter from the blazing sun. An hour had passed since he had fallen asleep. "Dear Arceus that was a wonderful nap." He stood up, spread his arms, and yawned again. "It's time to go, Dutchess." The female Nidoran looked up at him and nodded energetically. She would need a travelling buddy, so he released Void. The pair of pokemon began to run around in circles playfully. Haru was content to watch them for a while until a small pack of five Rattattas showed up. They arrayed themselves in a half circle, trapping the group against the tree. "Well crap. We're trapped. One thing to do now." He chuckled and looked at his two team members. "Time to battle guys." The Rattattas charged.
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