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Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
I don't think Victini was listed as #000 because Unova was the first region detached from the location of the first four, but because Gen V was to be considered a "reboot" of the franchise and GameFreak decided to be creative and officially create Pokémon #000 that wasn't Missingo. So it made sense for them to create a Pokémon listed as #000 for what was to be a new beginning for the series.

I'm doubtful that they'll do it again though, at least for this generation anyway.
Exactly. Victini's numbering was wholly a move due to the reboot feeling GF wanted to give BW. If we ever get one again it would be much more down the line perhaps even after generation 10. Speaking of numbering, I wouldn't mind if GF offered a 3rd dex option labelled new world or such, with the numbering continuing from Unova's original 156.

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