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    Originally Posted by LocksmithArmy View Post
    I used the shinyizer... there are special shiny tiles, when you setp on them, the next poke you find will be shiny...

    not every route has one of these tiles but there are several throughout the land...

    in rock tunnel they actaully cross the path so you MUST find one in or shortly after rock tunnel (most of the other tiles are out of the way)

    if you can find one of these tiles you could hop on it then fly to an area with a pokemon you want to be shiny... and you could pretty much catch the entire dex shiny if you utilized repels and shinyizer tiles....

    I am making a players guide for this game that will detail shinyizer locations (aswell as other goodies)
    I remember so long ago telling you how to do that:p. I actually just thought of a new way: a map script. Basically, it loads two random numbers upon entering a map, one in 0x800D and one in 0x8005. If these numbers match, we make the next Pokemon shiny. You could decrease the shiny rate even more by having more checks. Just a thought that I wanted to document before I forgot it.:D

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