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    If a 10 is supposed to mean the game is absolutely perfect and can't be improved upon no matter what then no game deserves it. No matter how good a game is it's going to have it's fair shares of flaws and virtually every game out there has glitches, so a perfect score is not possible to attain. But if a ten is supposed to mean near perfection, then there are a handful out there that I think deserve it, such as Ocarina of Time, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Bros 1 and 3.

    While dated by today's standards (besides SMG since it's still relatively recent), for their time I don't know what could be improved upon other than perhaps better level design (nit-picking here since they both have great level designs, but nothing's perfect) and less glitches.

    I'm personally more likely to give a great game a 9-9.5 out of 10 though. I don't think I've ever thought a game was a perfect 10, but I've played a few that I thought were close.
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