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    Originally Posted by cabusao10 View Post
    This game is turning to be a great pokemon hack. (though it's already a good hack)

    I can't wait to play beta 4.

    Originally Posted by brane View Post
    I'm glad to here you're not rushing this and putting a lot of attention to detail. I am a bit bummed that the final release is going to be a while away, but by the way this has been progressing it makes me want to wait that long due to the fact that what you've been doing so far leads me to believe you definitely wont disappoint!
    I've been doing that before actually, all of the betas this far have been rushed even though they necessarily didn't have any bugs in them, just planning errors.
    Now, I've been doing things in a more proper way, putting things in "final version shape". And I can tell that it's totally starting to pay off!

    So I shouldn't disappoint you, especially if you're a fan of other RPG games. I've been picking lots of ideas of those, mainly Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy series, but there are more as well. Only thing I'm "afraid" of is the fact whether my own scenes feel sometimes too similar to ones introduced in them. After all, I don't want to be "copying" things, I want this to be something brand new, a new experience apart of them.

    Originally Posted by brane View Post
    The title screen looks very refreshing and the new hero sprite is really well done.

    Good luck on the rest of it! I'm really looking forward to playing the next beta.

    Anyway, guess what...
    It's a video-time!

    I remember somebody requesting stuff related to storyline instead of just new features such as what I've mainly been introducing, so now I have some content to keep you entertained. It's a video of a cutscene in Raven's gym, in Granaldo City (and will also be one of the final events of beta 4).

    Obviously because this has storyline content in it, it contains spoilers related to the storyline... So watch it at your own risk. It shouldn't spoil the gaming experience from beta 4 in any way though, might instead make things even more interesting.

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