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    Originally Posted by LocksmithArmy View Post
    lol thats the opening line to the first zelda game... (as in thats the one the character has in his NES) the the character decides not to start a new game in zelda... probably cause you just started pokemon...

    Idk which version you are playing, but I did fix the pokedex issue...

    In the end I will be releasing the 1.21 version... because there are a few major glitches later in the game (found by a beta tester friend of mine)

    somehow the script for the statues in the pokemon mansion got totally wiped out... so you were stuck there... (i fixed it for 1.21) and the fossil script for the dome fossil was the same as the helix fossil... since the revival scientist guy works on flags not "checkitem" he did not see the dome fossil... so I fixed that too... (in 1.21)

    Im going to finish playing through and making the players guide and hopefully that will be the end of the glitches and 1.21 will be glitch free

    the only issue I cant seem to fix now is the dern sethealplace... it seems to work for everywhere BUT the new island (yes i extended the table (all of em) and the limiter bytes) so... ill have to figure that out... or remove it and ull just be warped to viridian if you die on 4-points isle
    Sounds good. I'm playing the most recent ips you sent me. I can't believe I didn't catch that line *facepalm*.:p

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