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    Hey everyone, and I have a great idea for a Pokemon game. Everyone loves the Gale of Darkness game right? No? Then eat my shorts, lol, anyway, I was thinking back to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and how it is a Prequel to the Deus Ex, franchise, and I thought to myself, would it be awesome if there was a Prequel to Colosseum?

    It could discus the creation of Team Cypher, which could have been at one point, a government agency that was made to create shadow pokemon as a way to make Pokemon more controllable. So to test the Shadowification process, they captured Mew and used the Shadow process on it, because since Mew shares the same genetic code as all other Pokemon, it would mean that all other Pokemon would be able to be Shadowfied as well. Cypher at this time, does not know about the evil uses Shadowfying has, they were just trying to make Pokemon more controllable, which is perfectly logical for an economy that is built around controlling pokemon.

    Unfortunately, Mew goes crazy thx to the power of Shadow, and decides to destroy Orre and all other human civilizations. And now it is up to you to stop Mew.
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