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Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
I'll think up a catchier title for the writing sharing thread, post it either tonight or tomorrow.
Catchier? Do my eyes deceive me? Is a catchier title even possible?

Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
We could just keep using this thread to discuss how to work the CYOA. I think we just need to determine how long each person will have to write a part, and then it's just a matter of writing the sign-up thread and then starting it, no?
I think four days is reasonable. It gives you some time - more than half a week - but it isn't so long that it would get tediously slow. In fact, I'd only give people two or three days if I thought it was really reasonable. The story can't be allowed to stall.

I suggest we have a 750-word minimum count, in order to make each chunk a reasonable length. Not sure if we want a maximum word limit - if we want to stop things getting too long or too slow, we might want to set it at 1,500.

In short: the speed, man. It's all about the speed.


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