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If there's a problem I've noticed in a lot of your sprites, it's the shaping of the form. It's not that the colors you pick look bad either (though your darkest color choices could use some work) because your palettes always look like they truly belong together. But when it comes to the actual shape of your sprites, you seem very hesitant to try and stray from the very basic shapes. It's not a bad thing, it would just add to your sprites if you were to try a little more in that area on developing the shapes. Do you sketch out an outline for your sprites before you start? That can really help solidify the sprite in the end. The closest I think I've seen you get to better shapes I think are in your Minareon and Froakie sprites. The problem with Minareon seems to be the posing of the front legs. They both look very similar in nature, as if one had just been flipped and recolored. It might have turned out better had you made the further arm peek out just a little bit instead of as far as it went. Don't be afraid to sacrifice the uniformity of your sprites in order to create asymmetry. Sometimes what looks different and doesn't show can really change the way you look at a sprite. The belly seems to be another issue on the Minareon sprite, it almost makes it look anorexic. A slight bulge could give it that extra cuteness, but don't go overboard. The left ear (from the Minareon's perspective) could also use some work. It doesn't look like it quite fits on the head. You probably should have placed it further back so it seemed more realistic. However, despite those three small issues, I adore the coloring and concept.
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