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I think you are the first Squirtle I have met that understands hacking and seems to be friendly towards his subjects. For that you shall become my lord, so I'll bow down to you. Welcome, Lord Squirtle, to PC!

I hope your highness has taken a trip to Emulation already, but you probably already have. With the right mindset and dedication you'll be working on your own game in no time. Sorry you ran into hostility elsewhere.. I'm sure that won't happen here though as we're quite a mature forum around these parts. Plus there are so many hackers around that there'll definitely be people to help you out whenever you need it. ^^ Though there's also that friend you mentioned too, of course haha. You're lucky to know someone who understands hacking since a lot of people start off all on their own. Just make sure to read and understand Emulation's section rules - that section is big so the moderators try hard to make it all organized for you guys. People here create some of the coolest fangames I've ever seen!

Looks like PC's been treating you well so far, which makes me quite happy to hear. n~n Hope that means you'll stick around for a while to come - wouldn't want to lose our Squirtle lord, after all. Enjoy your stay, great meeting you, and see you around~

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