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Kim Parnevik - Miss Possible.

It had been over a week since Kim read about a large explosion in Berlin, which had killed many people. This news scared him, especially since it was after the Atlanteans had revealed themselves to the world. The reveal also had changed his life, much to his displeasure, considering his shut in lifestyle is ruined by his power since its manifestation. Luckily, his changes have not been very regular and he had managed to make it home relatively easy the last two times, since they were only short changes and she didn't have a chance to get very far away; with no repeats of his first transformation happening yet. Flicking through a news aggregation site he saw something that shook him, it was an article about the Berlin explosion, and it had bad news for him in it.

"Evidence was found today that the cause of the Berlin Explosion was the work of Atlanteans. André Cabrillo, brother of Leo Cabrillo, member of the Atlantean Royal Family, was suspected to be the cause of the explosion as survivors claimed to have seen the 20 year old in the streets on Berlin that day as well as physical DNA evidence at the heart of the chaos. Other members of the Royal Family have made no comments towards his disappearance but together with the United Nations have rushed an international bill, calling all Atlanteans to register themselves and their abilities with the local Atlantean Relief Centres in all capital cities. Anybody now caught using Atlantean Abilities without being registered or carrying a registration card will face detainment.

"More on this story soon..."

“Oh no. OH NO! They expect me to be able to go outside and register my power? This is bad, I can't do this!” He said to himself in a panic, just the thought of having to go to the centre was scaring him, the amount of people there would have to be massive. If my transformations stay short I should be able to keep it a secret. Though he knew that there were already people who knew he transformed into a girl, including his family, this was the best thing his panicking mind could think of. He did not want to leave his bedroom, especially now with the added risk of transforming into a person loving female. A few more hours went along as he debated with himself on whether or not he would go to the centre, before he decided to just call them.

“Hallå, Atlantean Relief Centre – Stockholm Branch, This is Artur speaking, how may I help you?” The voice behind the phone said, slightly scaring Kim.

”Uh- um.. Hello.. My name's Kim and I'd.. I'd like register myself.. myself as an At.. Atlantean..” He stuttered, struggling through the short amount of words he had to say.

”I'm sorry Kim, but you ha-”

”Oh never mind Artur,” an unexpected female voice cut Artur off halfway through his reply. ”I'll be coming down now, I'm sure there's a few attractive atlanteans there for me to play with. Hopefully you're one too, you have a very sexy voice.” She said before hanging up without awaiting the reply from Artur. She was back, and she was excited to be going outside, hoping that she'd be able to have some fun this time, since the last two times were disappointedly short. Looking in the mirror she threw her male clothes to the ground cladding herself in her illusions, in the form of a s----y santa, showing off much more of her skin then was really smart for the weather. After adjusting her clevage a little bit she put on the trenchcoat that her mother had given her after the first time she had gone out, in her mind for warmth while walking the streets, and incase she changed back in the middle of the centre. Checking that she had her ID, (regardless of the fact the picture was her male form,) she left the house and began towards the centre.

The walk to the centre was much more uneventful then she hoped for, with her coat only ”blowing” opening a few times, as she only saw a few attractive people to show off for. Luckily Mum got me this coat, cause it's kind cold today, even with the sun out. She thought as she neared the centre, the the concentration of people increased, as well as the amount of attractive people. There was also more people staring at her beauty, as well as stares of curiosity of why she was dressed in a tench coat. Her joy was increasing until all the attention was stolen by someone crashing into a fountain in the front of the centre. Investigating the crash herself she found a fairly attractive girl being escorted in the library. Not caring for the line, she ran up and started walking behind the guard as he escorted the girl into the lobby, leaving her in another line. Aww, oh well time to have some fun! Dropping her trench coat on the ground she walked up to the recently escorted girl and grabbed her the waist, pulling her in closer and whispered into her ears.

”You are beautiful, and that landing of yours outside really improved my day, thank you.”
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