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In Crystal on the cycling path near Celadon, I ran into a shiny Grimer. Yay! I use one weak attack to get her into yellow health. Grimer flees. WHAT/ THEDDWS EKDS WHYYY I don't visit the Safari Zone out of fear of having a shiny flee. Who designs this stuff?

Certain wild Pokémon can escape from battle. Pokémon that are legendary or found in the region's Safari Zone are the only ones who flee.

In Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, a few species of wild Pokémon can escape from battle. These Pokémon are more likely to be caught in a Fast Ball.
Low probability:
@Dragonmage: At least in Emerald and with your original save file where you saw Wally's blue Ralts, if you run into a shiny (for example) 43.67 seconds in the game upon boot up, you will always run into a shiny at 43.67 seconds upon boot up. The RNG is broken like that and can be abused without knowing the technical stuff. I'm fortunate enough to have my shiny frame appear in 40 seconds, rather than something like 3 hours from boot up.
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