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    Levina ~ Cape City

    Levina watched as Snype attacked a nearby Pokemon. She took a few steps in an antsy way. The lust for battle slowly becoming overwhelming to her. Snype patter her side as he spoke, "Kehehe, I'm ready. Challenge me." Levina looked back at him with an evil smirk. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This might smart a bit.” She giggled as set her sights on a passing Marrill. The flow of electricity poured into Snype as Levina’s body crackled and sparked, gaining power. Levina released the built up power and sent it towards the poor Marrill, hitting her dead on. The Marrill let out a horrible screech, as its body convulsed in pain, before going limp on the ground. Levina laughed as the surrounding Pokemon began to scatter in fear. “And the game is on! How are you doing my partner?” She smirked once again at Snype.

    Allora ~ Underground City

    Allora watched quietly as the Golduck chose to ignore her question. Instead he just ensured her that Paladin would be ok. His comment about when Paladin would wake up worried her though. Her eyes slowly returned to normal as she realized there wasn’t anything she could do but wait. Wait and hope that Paladin would wake up soon. Allora let out a sigh as she watched the others follow the crazed Golduck through an opening in a wall that he opened up. She wasn’t going to move from Paladin’s side. Allora jumped when she caught movement in her peripheral vision. She jerked her head to see Paladin sitting up in front of her. “Paladin!” She sort of cooed at him as happiness and relief washed over her. "I'm..." Paladin grunted, "fine. I'm fine, Allora." Allora smiled and fought the urge to hug the Golurk. “I am really happy you’re ok. I was really worried.”

    "Come on," Paladin said as he stood with a groan and proceeded to follow the group. Allora did not move. She stood and watched her friend walk away from her. There was something different about him. This Pokemon that she looked upon wasn’t the Golurk she knew just moments before. He was quiet and serious. Was it that event? Did that color change do this to him? Allora didn’t understand what was going on with her friend but now apparently wasn’t the time to talk. She sighed and finally followed the group once Paladin had disappeared into the other room. She looked around to see many other Pokemon hard at work. With the buildings and the pond, it was like a little city hidden under the streets of Cape City. Allora walked up to the group, who was now gathered around a map, and sat a ways from them. She quietly watched and listened as the others talked about the Gold Crystal and getting prepared at that shop. This whole thing just seemed odd. Obviously there was something that everyone, including Paladin, knew and she didn’t. Was it the fact that she has been on her own for so long? Being stuck in the city to scrape together what information she could......

    Allora watched as Paladin approached the Golduck as if he was one of them now. She didn’t understand how he could so easily trust someone who, more than likely, was the one to order him placed into a state of unconsciousness. Allora continued to watch as Paladin introduced himself. "Madman. I believe we haven't been formally introduced. My name is Saul, though I would prefer you referred to me as Paladin," he said. "There is a pressing matter that I must attend to, but I cannot because you have taken me here. One of your operatives, Veletra, is in danger of being captured by the Silver Tribe, if she hasn't been already. She might die. Please, let me rescue her." Allora was taken back by Paladin’s words. Veletra was working for Madman? All this time she had trusted Veletra and now…was she the reason why Allora was here in the first place? Allora didn’t know whether to feel grateful or insulted. Grateful because she was introduced to Paladin and reunited with the other Gold Tribe members but insulted because she hid this from her and is the reason why she was put through the Golduck’s so called test. Allora approached the two and sat down, her tails whipping in her normal hypnotic pattern. “Paladin is right. We need to rescue her. That is where we were headed when you lead us here. If she is dead… will be on your head.” Allora coldly said to the Golduck. It wasn’t like Allora to be cold towards anyone but, with everything that had happened, she wasn’t in the mood for games anymore.