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    Field of the Fallen
    As the fire pokemon took on more casualties, they started to retreat. However as they did, the psychic types followed after them into their homelands. As Jack's team moved on, a man in a white mask was following up behind them and walked over to a pile of bodies, lifeless pokemon. Placing his palm over them the man stood up and walked towards Jack. The trainer halted when he got a view of Charlie and Alpha; taking a deep breath, he called out to Jack. "SEIZE AND DESIST, OR FEEL MY WRATH!!!" His voice boomed and echoed across the valley as the psychic types stopped chasing the fire types. The presence of the masked figure was very overwhelming as he stepped forth towards and past Jack. He glared at the wild psychic types as they retreating back to the field of the fallen; he then turned to Jack as the eyes within the mask were filled with rage, his white tuxedo outfit with black buttons along with hair as dark as the night sky. "There was no need for reckless violence... Jack." Before Jack could respond, the man held up his hand to pause him for a moment; and to reveal a star tattoo on the palm of his hand. "I am one of the current elite 4 within the league of Earth and Sky... I came here to look for a green exile who made his way back into Lethia... I only know you by name since you and your friends were the first to be targeted by him in the report that was submitted to the elites... I did not expect to see someone interfering with the balance..." The sun began to rise behind him as he cast a dark glare upon Charlie as an Eevee pops up from behind the elite, hopping down, ready to fight. "If this pokemon is the one causing the trouble, then I'll have to put him in his place..." The elite spoke as his Eevee began to hop around, ready to fight.

    [Moving onto the next day!]

    As the dawn sun rose and stirred Shadoan's sleep. Irek looked around and scratched his head. "Dawn already?" Irek sniffed the morning air and his eyes shot wide open. "That's weird... I smell the scent of oil and..." He paused a moment to look up and gawk at the flying UFO in the sky. The UFO was a massive steel airship about the size of 4 football stadiums together. The massive aircraft was being held in the sky by massive balloons and spinning disc's that had a levitation effect, similar to the stones at Gaia's Heart. Falling back, Irek gawked and started to stutter. "T-T-The Caelum Furor..." He rushed over and started waking up the pokemon. "JEV! GUYS! GET UP!" Jev stirred in his sleep looking up. "Whats wro-" "WE NEED TO GO AND GET OUT OF THE MOUNTAINS, SOON!" Shadoan grasped Irek y the arms, sitting up with him. "IREK! Calm down, whats going on?" Shadoan asked, his eyes still drowsy and dazed. "Earth and Sky's final battle grounds are floating above our heads!! It never comes to Lethia unless there's an emergency requiring the elites!! If the Elites are here..." Shadoan was starting to follow. "....Then something life threatening is about to happen..." Irek nodded as he squirmed free.

    Moon Rise Evolution
    As the Beedrill were stirred, it seemed they would not let up on the chase until they paused a moment. They turn their heads towards the north and slowly begin retreating as if something was drawing them away from Xavier and towards something more worth their time than a single trainer. Xavier stood puzzled and panting at what was going on; his question was answered a few seconds later when he sees a small troop of Digletts digging into the forest area around the trees. The bugs now giving their attention to the invading pokemon. This gave Xavier time to not only run but inspect the egg a lot better as he snuck around. There was a yellow stone shard embedded into the eggs shell.

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