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    Originally Posted by Jake♫ View Post
    DLC wasn't actually something I really thought of, but with the digital market the 3DS has that is actually a very plausible occurrence. Although to be honest I don't really want that, as Nintendo is more known for releasing a game fully and not needing to add patches or extra content, which is something I would hope they would try to continue on doing.
    I brought up the idea of past region exploration via DLC. You spend an extra $15 or so and boom, you have added Unova to the game. Another $15, and boom, you're exploring Sinnoh. You can reintroduce the concept of "catching them all" and do it without having to have any other game card. You can also find starters from other regions by visiting that professor.

    Since the first four generations are also all based on Japan, this provides a great opportunity for them to connect the regions, too.

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