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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Feel free to change it whenever you like, it's your club as much as mine so discuss anything & everything you want. :D

So is Stunky's face supposed to resemble a butt...? I wonder if this was an intentional design choice or not considering no other Pokémon has any hint of features like that, whereas Stunky has it right on his face, but it'd fit the Pokémon pretty well. I think that's the main reason I've never liked Stunky tbh, that one factor puts me off the whole Pokémon haha. What do you guys think about it?

I like the look of skunks, they may be smelly but I was always fond of their looks. Must have been a result of watching old Looney Tunes cartoons and its famous love-stricken skunk Pepe Le Pew. When I first saw Stunky, I so wanted to use this thing on my team when I eventually get Diamond & Pearl (well, it's a Diamond exclusive so I had to trade in order to use one on my main 4th Gen games) and I have to say it's not all that bad of a Pokemon. Decent stats, and a good defensive typing leaving it with just a weakness to Ground makes it handy to have on a team.

Also, unlike most Poison Pokemon, it can't be damaged by Psychic, which is usually considered the main threat towards Poison-types. Look at those eyes... and its color scheme definitely screams a Poison-type Pokemon. It quickly became a favorite of mine among 4th Gen Pokemon, and still remains a favorite.
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