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    *Spazzing out* Responses! Yey! *ehem!*

    @Narnia; Da'aw, thanks! I'd been meaning to get back into Pokemon for a while, actually, but the bug didn't bite... but it has now! See? *DeeP 6 holds up arm with angry leavanny hanging off of it!* Oh, don't worry, she's just mad that I haven't used her since the N battle.

    Oh noes! Poor white! XD ...My poor SoulSilver and Platinum are still lying in my games case, abandoned... >.>

    I'd never had any other legendary when I got Dialga (was new to any game not Pokemon Stadium...), so I don't have much to compare him to (other than Zekrom). He's still my favourite, though. I generally swept the floor with his Roar of Time, though I never managed to get past all of the elite four... Ah well.

    Art and Design? Sounds quite interesting methinks... :D The first pixel art I did was a horrible dark purple mess, completely horrible. If I saw it now I think I'd cry :P But yeah, I'll definitely be checking that out- thanks! :D

    @Zorogami; When I start writing I become a steamroller. Or a Tauros. I can never decide. But once I start, It's very difficult to stop myself (like now!)

    So hello thar to you too :D

    I've been scouting the forums for new lands to conquer interesting things to read, and I definitely know what you mean :D. I'm not sure about the fitting in, though-- I'm awfully pointy :P

    And pokemon games are like little magnets, aren't they? You can't resist the charm. The charming charm. (hehe- Charmander. Giggle. Derp) :P

    Ok, I give, bad joke. Thanks for the welcome!

    @JNathan; Or is it!? :P

    Thanks, and yeah, I have Pokemon White (+ D, Pt & SS). Definitely going to get X when it comes out, though :D (And White 2... just heard about that Shiny Charm item. Total deal sealer.)

    I'm going to head on over to the art sections soon, no doubt about it. Probably going to end up drawing up a couple of new sprites I've been dying to make before I do that, though :P

    I think rom hacks would be very much beyond me at this point, considering how little I know about them. I'm likely going to end up using Game Maker for one of my classes, but I definitely know something about using RMXP. I could probably learn how to use that 'Pokemon Essentials' kit, too... but it's all just ideas at this point, anyway.

    Thanks again :D

    aaand... @Renpuu; Ohoho? A sir? Why, then. We must have cheese.


    And now I must have thy hat. 8D

    *'borrows' hat, and runs away!* <- is happily going pokemon crazy :P

    Thanks for the welcome! And the hat! :D
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