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    I think they should make a new girl or boy the poster child of pokemon, I mean I wouldn't mind Ash if I wasn't a long time viewer, it get's annoying when he goes to a brand new region and gains amnesia or something because all the freaking information he learned through his past journey's completely dissapears and sometimes loses to a newbie trainer who just got their first pokemon, with a pikachu who has to be at least level 80 by now, I mean with a pokemon that strong even my little cousin who's like 4 could win a battle, Yet Ash can't and that annoys me to know end (Sometimes I yell battle strategies when I get really annoyed >.>)

    To make a long story short so you don't need to read that paragraph if you don't like, Yes I do think he should be replaced. Only people who gain development anymore in this show is Team Rocket.
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