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Originally Posted by DeeP 6 View Post
@Zorogami; When I start writing I become a steamroller. Or a Tauros. I can never decide. But once I start, It's very difficult to stop myself (like now!)

So hello thar to you too :D

I've been scouting the forums for new lands to conquer interesting things to read, and I definitely know what you mean :D. I'm not sure about the fitting in, though-- I'm awfully pointy

And pokemon games are like little magnets, aren't they? You can't resist the charm. The charming charm. (hehe- Charmander. Giggle. Derp)

Ok, I give, bad joke. Thanks for the welcome!
Nah, i'm pretty sure you will fit in, everyone is different, so just be yourself and you'll be fine
Haha yeah they are pretty charming, after all these years i still cant get away from them
So you playing any pokemon games as of now? what are some of your favorite pokemons?

Ah and by the way, you have a friend request

~ Anything for my Nakama ~
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