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    Originally Posted by Zorogami View Post
    Nah, i'm pretty sure you will fit in, everyone is different, so just be yourself and you'll be fine ;)
    Haha yeah they are pretty charming, after all these years i still cant get away from them
    So you playing any pokemon games as of now? what are some of your favorite pokemons?

    Ah and by the way, you have a friend request :)
    Orly? And so I do. :D

    Currently I'm playing Diamond through again (just reset the game after I transfered all pokemon to my White game), with Chimchar as my starter. I've played all the sinnoh starters to the end evolution, and though I liked them all, I liked his fire/fighting combos... Go figure. (Then again, I've never had a Torchic.)

    Ever since I was first introduced to the series, though, I've always liked Mew, MewTwo, the Eeveelutions and Dragonair/Dratini. I also really liked swablu/altaria, even before I learned swablu like to sit on people's heads. ( In which I still giggle at the mental image--so funny. So cute. XD ) And quite recently I was swayed towards liking certain bug pokemon when I trialed a caterpie on my SoulSilver team. She's a pretty epic Beedrill. :P

    For gen V, though? I only got Oshawott so I could get a Dewott... but once I evolved him into Samurott... world domination! ...Well, sort of. I also really liked Zekrom (but that could also just be my recurring like for dragon pokemon...), Leavanny, Galvantula and Zoruark.

    ((Sorry, that came out longer than I intended... ^.^;))

    @Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers; Thanks. Sounds interesting, I'll check it out :D
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