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@ Xlugon Pyro
Good practice battle! Wonder if Vuowth will ever change...

- Vuowth grew to lvl 23 and is able to learn Screech! Forget a move for Screech? Answer in the OOC thread.
- Zovy grew to lvl 15!

@ Everyone
Note that above lvl 20, pokémon are likely to know enough decent moves to not have to grow in levels as quickly as before. We don't want everyone to be at lvl 40 in Cerulean ;) So I won't be giving 2 levels for one post as easily as for pokémon below lvl 20. If anyone has comments or problems with this, let me know in the OOC.
chapter 3; part II
Aberdeen Black // Pewter City

Bernadette, Aberdeen's strongest pokémon, was down for the count. Clad's sandshrew still stood strong; the butterfree hadn't been nearly enough of a challenge for it. Aberdeen spend half a minute just thinking hard while staring at the light brown mouse on the floor in front of him.

"Ab! Come on, send out your next one!" Memeeber called out from the sidelines, hearing Clad's gym friends snicker behind her.

"I choose you, Salvadora!" Aberdeen said, throwing forth his newest capture. A sewaddle materalized on the arena floor. She took a quick examining look at the sandshrew, who crouched back a little from the self-confident look. Then Salvadora let out a little 'huff' as if she had hoped for a better opponent.

The people behind Memeeber surprisingly stopped their snickering now. The girl looked back and discovered that their faces looked anticipating and calculating. Maybe they have seen more pathetic pokémon than sewaddle surprise trainers in this gym... Memeeber thought. They must be experienced. What if Clad is one of the MOST experienced!

"Careful!" she called out to Aberdeen.

But the boy had gotten his smile back. Clad raised an eyebrow. "Strange choice. But stranger things have happened. Sandshrew, use Scratch!"

"Salvadora, String Shot!" Aberdeen immediately called out.

Sandshrew raised its claw and began running on three legs towards the bug, who quickly shot out its sticky web. Salvadora had spent enough time as a sewaddle to become a great sniper; she hit sandshrew's claw without trouble, dressing it in sticky strings and making it too dull to Scratch with.

"Don't stop! Turn your momentum into a Rollout!" Clad called out, rather calmly. Memeeber had been right. He was used to twists and turns in battles. But was he prepared for... this?

"String shot again!" Aberdeen shouted. Salvadora did as she was told, spraying the sticky strings at the ball rolling towards her. "Keep a line connected!" Aberdeen said, running up to her to be able to give the order without Clad hearing. But then, sandshrew was about to make impact. Ab had to jump back and land on his butt on the ground to avoid it, and the sewaddle was hit right on.

Salvadora was thrown back as the sandshrew rolled over her and then kept rolling in a turn to come around for another attack. But one line of String Shot still connected the rolling ball which was now covered in the substance. "Great!" Aberdeen said, getting up and closer to the bug again. "Now, follow me closely!"

Clad raised both of his eyebrows now, and the people watching from the sides began mumbling, as Aberdeen ran out between the rocks and cliffs on the arena field. Salvadora followed him, and tugged the string to make the rolling sandshrew follow too. Aberdeen came to a stop all of a sudden, and the bug stopped right next to him. A smile played across the boy's face.

"No. I see what you're trying! Sandshrew, stop!" Clad shouted out. Behind Ab's back was a large rock. If they jumped aside in the nick of time, Sandshrew wouldn't have time to steer away and would crash right into the rock. "Too bad I saw it in time!" Clad added to the boy with a wink.

"Did you now?" Aberdeen laughed and jumped away from the rock. As did Salvadora, at the same time as she severed the String Shot connecting her to the rolling ball of poké.

Sandshrew didn't stop. He had lost control of his rolling body due to being covered in too thick a layer of String Shot substance! Clad's content face turned bleak as his pokémon crashed hard into the big rock with the powered up Rollout attack. The rock was shattered and the pokémon came to a stop. But it couldn't unwrap itself properly, only stick out its tail, one leg and its face.

"Hahahah!" Aberdeen laughed, more at the funny look of the pokémon than at the success of his plan.

Now it was Clad's turn to think for several seconds in silence. Memeeber nodded slowly, kind of impressed. The people behind her didn't speak at all.

"We'll act before you! Salvadora, Bug Bite!" Ab said. His pokémon gladly ran forward to the wriggling sandshrew in the remains of the big rock and bit down hard on its tail. The stinging pain made sandshrew wriggle harder though, making some of the String Shot burst. "Get back!" Aberdeen then shouted, but got closer himself again.

"Why is that boy out on the arena in the heat of the battle?" a guy behind Memeeber on the benches said. "Doesn't he realize it's dangerous?"

"He wants to be out there and fight WITH his pokémon of course!" she snapped at them without turning around. They didn't respond further to that.

"Sandshrew, use Fury Cutter on yourself!" Clad shouted, surprising Aberdeen.

"Isn't that a bit rough?" he asked. But sandshrew didn't waste any time contemplating its trainer's orders. It used the free claws and made them glow yellow, and within seconds they had cut off most of the String Shot bandages. Enough for the pokémon to be able to move freely again.

"Now, use Rapid Spin!" Clad shouted out.

"Tackle!" Aberdeen immediately countered.

Sandshrew jumped up towards them into the air while Salvadora ran forward on its small legs to counter the attack fearlessly head on. At the impact, both pokémon were thrown back onto the rocky ground. Sandshrew was panting hard now while Salvadora looked like the Rollout and Rapid Spins had been rough on her.

"Use Fury Swipes on the bug!" was Clad's next order. Sandshrew raised both its claws this time, ready to oblige.


Aberdeen's order wasn't fast enough this time. Sandshrew had learned to act quickly against him. Salvadora was struck by rapid recurring slashes and the pain was too much for her. She fainted.

"But..." Aberdeen knelt before her and gently stroke her head with his hand.

"That was a really creative fight!" Clad said. "Are you sure that you want to keep going? Isn't two pokémon enough?"

Aberdeen's face was dark as he responded. "It's enough for now. But I'll be back!"

As he and Memeeber walked out from the gym, he carried Salvadora in his arms, refusing to let her inside a pokéball alone in this state. The trainers behind him didn't laugh as they watched him leave through the entrance of the gym.

"He's kind of feisty," one of them said to Clad.

"Yes. I'm looking forward to facing him in a real battle soon." Clad took off his beanie hat and scarf. His unobstructed face had a dark skin, pointy dark brown hair and very narrow eyes.

"Then you'll use your ROCK types, right? Not this Viridianish ground-type-rouse, right Brock?" another, younger gym trainer asked him excitedly.

"Of course," Aberdeen's opponent replied with a gentle smile. "Next time, it'll be for real."

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- Salvadora (Sewaddle) grew to lvl 11!
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