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More people seem interested in visiting multiple regions in one game and tying them into a single game.
Except that people have been wanting this since Gen III? And the most we've got out of it was HG/SS, and even then that was expected since they were re-makes of Gold and Silver and had to have Kanto in them. If they didn't happen then, what are the chances it'll happen now? I'm fairly doubtful that GF would really bother to incorporate more than one region into a game, but it's a nice idea to speculate about nonetheless. It's definitely possible that they could tie two regions together, but chances are, neither would be a past region that we've already explored, so keep that in mind! I'm sure GF is already very well aware of the desires to have a mult-region game, and they've weighed the pros and cons of such already, so we'll see in the future whether or not they decide to go along with it. As for this generation? I'd say it's highly unlikely.

But that said, going back to the topic at hand, I don't mind what I do as far as post-speculation is concerned. There's one thing that I'm really adamantly picky about and that's for the tradition of the Battle Frontier to continue. Sure, it has been remade into so many ways: The Battle Subway, The Pokemon World Tournament, you name it. Except it doesn't give off that same vibe. Not even the Battle Frontier in HG/SS was really enough to satisfy my tastes, sadly.

Is it because of me wearing my nostalgia goggles? I admit partially, yes. But my enjoyment came from the variety and diversity that Gen III's Battle Frontier had to offer, and I was a huge fan of that, so yeah. n_n; Other than that, I'm really not caring too much, maybe like a post-game adventure or something would be nice, because it does get a bit tiring rehashing the whole "ypu beat the e4, now enjoy (post-game battle facility here)" stuff. I'd like to have sidequests, other adventures to go on, things of that nature~

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