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but Nintendo had to have been breathing down their necks about a 3DS game since the 3DS was released.
Unlikely in the grand scheme of things. Remember that the games do belong tho Gamefreak, and that Nintendo's role in it is really nothing more than a publisher, they determine whether or not a certain Pokemon game made by GF gets their stamp of approval and therefore gets made on their system.

That said though, I agree that X/Y came at a rather surprising time, but I'm not necessarily complaining about it at all. Let's be frank here: Unova was getting stale, at least for me, it was. The storyline surrounding Ghetsis was cool at first, but it just got old after a while, and after B/W, it sort of lost it's taste, which is why I'm excited about X/Y in the first place. It feels like a breath of fresh air, something that GF tried to accomplish with Gen 5 but didn't really succeed all that much(subjective, I know, but this is my two cents).

A lot of people have argued that Gen 5 feels rushed, but I don't get it, whats rushed about it? What questions are there to be left answered? B2/W2 have pretty much filled any remaining plots that are left, so I really don't understand what needs to be answered in the remaining 5th gen games to appease fans. Yes, Ghetsis vanished as soon as you beat him in B2/W2(whoops, spoiler, but whaever), but what there is more to do after that? You have the storyline surrounding Reshiram and Zekrom finished, and Kyurem was just the last piece of the puzzle, so it seems pretty finished to me. Was the actual storyline rushed and showed sings of some sloppy footwork? That depends on who you ask, but that isn't the point of this thread, and I don't think there's really anything from Gen V that could be answered in Gen VI. In short, Gen V is really done for, and X/Y couldn't have come at a better time.

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