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I apologize for not putting much effort. This might not be a good game, but at least it isn't the worst Pokemon Game. Thanks for the cheering up. However, I might need help starting a third project, but I will continue to improve Chocolate Green as much as I can, even though I'll need a brief tutorial on how to create a game that people will actually enjoy. I understand, but I'll need a lot of pointers before starting a successor to Chocolate Green. If anyone has any ideas for a new project, PM me.

EDIT: In search of a team and a master for a new project coming up, Pokemon Moon White, progress on Chocolate Green will slow down, much to the dismay of the community. All 649 Pokemon are to be catchable in Pokemon Moon White in some way shape or form, like in Chocolate Green. This may be pushing it, but that's where a whole team comes in. As the team leader, I have developed a developer's kit for a start. Carry on, though I will not post anything else about Moon White on this thread.
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