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    ∣ Kiba Kurokokoro
    Mountain Region

    Chapter One: Part Seven
    A Valiant Return

    Kiba sat up somewhat calmly as the UFO was visible overhead. He gazed at it with glowing eyes, a small smile growing on his lips. "Wow..." He smiled as if he was beginning to daydream. "They're stronger than the Elite four of even Kanto... And the champion." He began grinning. "Oh, I want a battle with one of them. Not for the contest, but for fun." He chuckled a bit as Ki put the gasses back over his eyes.

    "Enough daydreaming, we need to move." Ki glanced in the direction of the path where Jack headed off. He lifted the dozing Amber and nudged Z's shoulder. "Did you sleep?"


    "I'll take that as a yes. Come on, we're leaving camp soon."

    "I had this wonderful dream... It's a dream, right? In it, morning came, and then this large flying craft..." Her gaze slowly shifted up into the sky, but instead of fear, her eyes showed delight. "Oh my, it came true! There it is!"

    Ki looked completely bewildered. "... We'll have to talk about that later. But for now, come on."

    Amber fidgeted in Ki's arm. "Mmrrrr..."

    Kiba stood up, packing his sleeping bag and pulling his backpack straps over his shoulders. "Alright, I'm ready... Wait." He turned to Shadoan. "Hey, so the Gyro Gear should be working again, can you try Julia now? If not so we can find her, at least to warn her about... That." He glanced up at the giant aircraft. "But I'd still like to see her again..."

    Seeing as Julia headed on to bed, Mello welcomed the "teddy bear" hold with a relaxed snuggling for comfort. She felt maybe she was being paranoid, but either way, couldn't keep her eyes open for very long...

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