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Originally Posted by DeeP 6 View Post
Orly? And so I do. :D

Currently I'm playing Diamond through again (just reset the game after I transfered all pokemon to my White game), with Chimchar as my starter. I've played all the sinnoh starters to the end evolution, and though I liked them all, I liked his fire/fighting combos... Go figure. (Then again, I've never had a Torchic.)

Ever since I was first introduced to the series, though, I've always liked Mew, MewTwo, the Eeveelutions and Dragonair/Dratini. I also really liked swablu/altaria, even before I learned swablu like to sit on people's heads. ( In which I still giggle at the mental image--so funny. So cute. XD ) And quite recently I was swayed towards liking certain bug pokemon when I trialed a caterpie on my SoulSilver team. She's a pretty epic Beedrill.

For gen V, though? I only got Oshawott so I could get a Dewott... but once I evolved him into Samurott... world domination! ...Well, sort of. I also really liked Zekrom (but that could also just be my recurring like for dragon pokemon...), Leavanny, Galvantula and Zoruark.

((Sorry, that came out longer than I intended... ^.^;))

@Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers; Thanks. Sounds interesting, I'll check it out :D
Ah cool stuff, im actually replaying Platinum because i started a challenge on it.
I liked all of the Sinnoh starters too, not sure if i prefer Empoleon or Infernape...
You never had a Torchic??! Thats like my favorite starter ever! Who did you pick playing RSE?

All the pokemon you like are pretty cool, i think swablu is one of the cutest pokemon out there, and altaria looks awesome, like...eehm...majestic you could say? and it's not your standart dragon either.
Zekrom is definitely my favorite legendary, i love his looks and his typing :D
And no need to apologize for being descriptive about what you like

~ Anything for my Nakama ~
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